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Tykoh Group provides training in quantitative finance. Amongst our offerings are workshops on financial modelling, spreadsheet skills, programming and derivative pricing and risk management. You can see a complete list of workshops here.

Workshops are delivered both in classroom-format (i.e. presenter and participants are present in the same premises) or online in Webinar format. Webinar-format workshops use advanced tools designed to give the best learning outcomes.

Workshops can be customized. These are benefits obtained by past attendees.

These videos show various aspects of our workshops and resources.

Extracts of some of the workshop content is available online in an interactive format.


A range of resources are available on this site. The reader may find some useful. A selection are described below.

Self assessments

Self-assessments are available on the following topics

Quizzes and competitions

We have a ranges of quizzes listed below. You can try the quizzes and, if you wish, enter our competitions and see how you rank against others.

Polls and surveys

You can contribute to our real-time surveys and then see the poll results.

XL-Excellence® Add-In

The XL-Excellence Add-In allows users to ..


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