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On this page we list some of the resources available on this site. These resources are used in our workshops. Our workshops are interactive using high-tech educational aids and cover the topics of financial modeling, valuation, programming and mathematics. Our workshops can be tailored to individual audiences. We provide in-house, public and one-on-one training.

   Workshop samples, guides & utilities

This is a tool for assessing spreadsheet quality from our affiliate site Tool for assessing spreadsheet quality
A guide showing how common business and finance tasks can be carried out in spreadsheets. Spreadsheet guide
This is a PDF version (non-interactive) of the above spreadsheet guide. Spreadsheet guide
A valuation model giving insights into valuation principles and sensitivities. Valuation Utility
This is a user guide to the valuation model. Valuation Utility
A guide showing how scenario and sensitivity analyses may be done in financial models. Spreadsheet guide
This spreadsheet contains examples illustrating the techniques discussed in the preceding guide. Spreadsheet guide
This shows how Visual Basic can be used for a variety of spreadsheet purposes. Visual Basic Reference
This spreadsheet lets you analyse the behaviour of portfolios of vanilla and exotic options. Option Analyser
Lets you sample a cross section of our course content. Visual Basic Reference

Financial markets analysis    

For producers and consumers of financial markets analysis - please see our affiliate service. Video - online

   Quizzes and competitions

A quiz on financial mathematics skills. Maths quiz
This is a quiz on spreadsheet topics. Questions range from easy to very difficult. Spreadsheet quiz
A quiz on financial modeling. Questions range from easy to quite difficult. Maths quiz

Online courses      [sample]

Simulation and Monte Carlo modelling - techniques widely used in valuation and risk assessment. Maths quiz

   Online self assessments

A multi-choice test on technical and business concepts related to Visual Basic. Video - workshops
Topics on spreadsheet skills. Video - quizzes
A series of questions on various financial modeling topics. Video - online


An overview of what our workshops are like and our course design philosophy. Video - workshops
Shows the style of some of our self-assessments and a walkthrough of how to use them. Video - quizzes
Shows how to access sections from our courses online. Video - online

   Surveys and results

Look at the results of our real-time surveys and contribute to them if you wish: Financial modelling survey. Video - online
This is our financial mathematics survey. Video - online