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Spreadsheet skills quiz / competition

How are your spreadsheet skills? Try our quiz and, if you wish, enter our competition and see how you compare with others.

To try our quiz or enter our competition simply:

  • Download the spreadsheet in the Links section on the top right of this page
  • Attempt the questions in the spreadsheet
  • If you do well then you can choose to post your name and score on our live leader board on the right
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Format of the problems

To solve the problems in this spreadsheet you'll need to put formulas into cells that have a colored background (e.g. as in cell H18 below).

When your formula is correct a blue marker on the left of the spreadsheet will turn yellow ..

Goal seek and Solver

None of the problems require goal seek or solver - A solid understanding of financial principles and spreadsheet formulae is all that's needed.


On the top of each page is a link that looks like this ..

Click on the link to see what your answer should look like. The link will show you the results you should be getting but won't reveal the actual formulae needed to get the results.


The spreadsheet has an index page with a summary of the questions you have answered correctly. On that page markers indicate whether questions have been completed correctly. A marker that looks like "-" means all parts of the question has been completed correctly. A marker that looks like "x" means the answer isn't complete.

Loading answers

If you have macros enabled then you will have access to a load answer menu.

Begin by right-mouse-clicking. A menu will appear and will include an item titled "Tykoh load answers".

Choosing that menu item will cause "permissioned" answers to to be loaded. "Permissioned" answers are a selection of answers that we make available from time to time. The set of answers available can vary from none to all. Click here to see the list of topics and answers that are currently loadable.


You can enter our competition and see how you rank against others. Ranking is on the basis of the percentage of problems solved successfully. You will need to have macros enabled to do the following.

Finding percentage complete

To find the percentage of questions you've answered correctly begin by right mouse-clicking. A pop-up menu will appear ..

Click on the menu item titled "Tykoh check progress". A message box will show you the percentage of questions you've answered correctly.

Leader board

If your score is very good you may receive a message that your score would put you on our leaderboard ..

In that case you can click on the button titled "Add to board", type your name or tag and your score will be added to the leader board.

The live leader board will then be updated and you will see your name appear (or move up) in the rankings. The leader board is shown on the top right of this page in the "Links" section.


A subset of the problems have solutions explained on YouTube. Those problems are indicated by YouTube icons on the spreadsheet.

You will need macros enabled for YouTube icons to appear in your spreadsheet.


You can click here to see the list of topics with YouTube explanations. Clicking on the link will also give you the opportunity to vote on which topics should be the next to receive YouTube explanations.


Modeling competition

Quiz spreadsheet    [XLS file]

Modeling competition

Quiz answers [PDF file]

   Live leader board
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