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Financial modelling

  • The presenter was superb, interactive style excellent. I learned a huge amount of very useful tips and tricks that I will be applying daily in my job.
  • Everything I learned is very applicable to my daily workflow, will definitely be able to enhance current models.
  • Understanding the complex Excel tips was very beneficial.
  • I learnt some very useful functions to save time and to make my spreadsheets more efficient.
  • Presenter was extremely knowledgeable, patient and concise.
  • Hands on, practical, good resources/presenter and suitable class size.
  • Pace was very good and good having spreadsheets to take home.
  • The CD was a brilliant tool to take away.
  • The workbook was very detailed but easy to read - I like that!
  • Presenter delivered his presentation very clearly; he didn't rush and always addressed any questions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Spreadsheet skills for finance

  • The facilitator is an excellent resource. Thanks for the opportunity to complete this course.
  • Excellent knowledge and clear communication from the presenter.
  • This was the most useful workshop I have attended in some time. I feel that I have gained sufficient skills to take back to the workplace and I now have much greater confidence with regard to Excel.
  • Great knowledge from the presenter, good take home documents.

Applied financial mathematics

  • The practical nature of the course was useful. Using excel as we went through the topics was great. Textbook and CD will be helpful.
  • Useful information. Very detailed spreadsheets.
  • The exercises are very well prepared (great spreadsheet work).
  • Very good presenter with excellent workbooks. The take home items are very useful.

Visual Basic for financial applications

  • Great workshop. Increased my awareness and skills in VBA.
  • Presenter was very knowledgeable of the topic area.
  • The material covered will be very useful at work as the CD and workbook provided.
  • The best VBA training I have ever attended!
  • Good cover of topic. It was very useful for work.

Debt Market Maths

  • Clearly explained concepts.
  • Easy to follow, good explanations.

Interest rate options

  • Good practical examples of options that people could relate to.