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In the links section on this page you can download a spreadsheet "viewer" that lets you see selections from our workshops.

Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet you can access our resources online. The spreadsheet initially shows a "Begin" button ..

Online resources - Begin button

Press the "Begin" button and a Login screen appears. Enter a username and password. You can use "guest" (without the quotes) for both username and password. Then press the "Log In" button ..

Online resources - Login screen

You will see a list of the resources you have permissions to load ..

Online resources - Resources you have permissions to

Choose a resource and press the "Select resource" button ..

Online resources - Resources you have permissions to

The chosen resource will be loaded and an index shown of the topics and sections in the resource ..

Online resources - Index of a loaded resource

Click on a link to go to a topic and section. Sections are in the form of questions that you have to answer. Blue tags ..

Online resources - Blue marker shows unanswered question

.. turn yellow when the answers are correct ..

Online resources - Yellow marker shows answered question


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