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  Workshops overview

Webinar-format workshops

We present "Webinar-friendly" workshops designed to give the best learning outcomes by providing advanced participant and presenter tools. As an illustration here are some tools used in the Webinar-format financial modelling workshop ..


As participants work through case studies and exercises they see feedback on their progress by “tags” that change colour from blue to yellow.


Participants can ask an “Intelligent Assistant” for hints to help complete exercises and case studies.

Hints give a additional benefit: They allow participants a degree of “self pacing” without the stress of keeping exactly up-to-the-minute with a remote presentation.

Answer loading

A range of options is available when participants build solutions to the workshop’s case studies:

To support this flexibility in solution development an answer loading facility is available.

Presenter utilities

The presenter has various utilities to aid in efficient communication of model details. These include ..

The utilities are described following ..

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